Version 6.6


Release date: February 9th, 2024

Release Notes

  • Full support for PHP 8.2

  • Primewall offerwall added.

  • Coinbase Commerce added as payment gateway.

  • Bitcoin payment gateway was changed of provider from coin2send to CoinPayments.

  • Litecoin payment gateway was changed of provider from coin2send to CoinPayments.

  • Added an option to lock user payment accounts. Users won’t be able to change their saved payment accounts (Setup -> General -> Members).

  • Implementation of user avatar, it will be used for forum (if it is active), you can get the user avatar in your template using <img src=”{$user->avatar()}”>

  • API support for user login, two-factor, password recovery, registration and account update.

  • Admin can add domains to API to avoid issues with CORS (Setup -> API).

  • User passwords were changed of hash, md5 is not secure and each member password will be updated when they login.

  • Update of login and forgot page, it will load more faster in each transition without refresh page.

  • Unverified members are removed. If your site uses email verification, account will be added to database when user verifies the account.

  • Added the total amount in admin panel for Withdrawal and Deposit history.

  • Admin can find a username with a keyword without know the exact username, for example if you want to find the username “evolutionScriptAdmin”, just enter “evo” or “evolution” to find users with the connected word.

  • User won’t be able to see the PTSU created by himself in the PTSU Offers to prevent frauds.

  • Deposit note for processors is now listed in language vars, so you can modify and translate it.

  • Coin2send is removed due lack support and missed transactions.

  • MetamaskIPN is removed due issue with contract.

Upgrade from v6.5

  1. Verify your PHP version is 8.2

  2. Set your site under maintenance mode.

  3. Backup of your site (files and database).

  4. Upload these files:

    • /assets/components/security/.

    • /assets/evolution/admin/lib/.

    • /assets/evolution/images/avatar.jpeg

    • /assets/evolution/images/gateway_deposit/26.png

    • /assets/evolution/images/gateway_proof/26.gif

    • /assets/evolution/js/lib/.

    • /assets/evolution/js/evolutionscript.js

    • /assets/evolution/js/evolutionscript.min.js

    • /assets/evolution/js/security.js

    • /includes/config/language.php

    • /includes/components/.

    • /includes/config/.

    • /includes/controllers/Admin/.

    • /includes/helpers/.

    • /includes/models/.

    • /includes/offerwalls/primewall/.

    • /includes/routing/.

    • /includes/system/.

    • /includes/template/auth/fogot.tpl

    • /includes/template/auth/login.tpl

    • /includes/template/auth/password_recovery.tpl

    • /includes/template/auth/template.tpl

    • /includes/template/auth/two_factor.tpl

    • /includes/template/auth/register.tpl

    • /includes/template/forum/topic.tpl

    • /includes/template/members/forum_settings.tpl

    • /includes/template/members/settings.tpl

    • /includes/template/members/two_factor.tpl

    • /includes/views/admin/.

    • /includes/Common.php

    • /upload/avatar/.

    • /vendor/.

  5. Add the next language variables in your language file /includes/languages

    $lang['password_recovery'] = 'Password recovery';
    $lang['return_login'] = 'Return to {link}Login{/link}';
    $lang['dont_have_account'] = 'Don\'t have an account? {link}Sign up{/link}';
    $lang['password_reset_info'] = 'If email address exists in our records, you will receive an email with the verification code. This code will be valid for 60 minutes.';
    $lang['invalid_verification_code'] = 'Invalid verification code.';
    $lang['password_changed'] = 'Your password was successfully changed.';
    $lang['email_changed'] = 'Your e-mail address was successfully changed.';
    $lang['already_have_account'] = 'Already have an account? {link}Log in{/link}';
    $lang['verify_email_activation'] = 'You will receive an email with a code to activate your account. This code will be valid for 60 minutes.';
    $lang['network_error'] = 'Network error, try again.';
    $lang['error_in_form'] = 'There are errors on the form. Please fix them before continuing.';
    $lang['proxy_detected'] = 'Access denied: you are under Proxy/VPN.';
    $lang['field_is_required'] = 'This field is required.';
    $lang['select_valid_option'] = 'Select a valid option.';
    $lang['payment_method_is_used'] = 'A payment method account is being used by other member.';
    $lang['change_password'] = 'Change Password';
    $lang['change_email'] = 'Change E-mail Address';
    $lang['new_email'] = 'New E-mail Address';
    $lang['new_email_confirmation_code'] = 'A verification code was sent to the new email address. This code will be valid for 60 minutes.';
    $lang['two_factor_already_activated'] = 'Two-Factor is already activated.';
    $lang['two_factor_already_deactivated'] = 'Two-Factor is already deactivated.';
    $lang['avatar'] = 'Avatar';
    $lang['remove_avatar'] = 'Remove Avatar';
    $lang['upload_avatar'] = 'Upload Avatar';
    $lang['upload_avatar_description'] = 'Upload your favorite avatar with dimensions of 150x150 pixels';
    $lang['upload'] = 'Upload';
    $lang['imglib_source_image_required'] = 'You must specify a source image in your preferences.';
    $lang['avatar_updated'] = 'Avatar was successfully changed.';
    $lang['imglib_gd_required'] = 'The GD image library is required for this feature.';
    $lang['imglib_gd_required_for_props'] = 'Your server must support the GD image library in order to determine the image properties.';
    $lang['imglib_unsupported_imagecreate'] = 'Your server does not support the GD function required to process this type of image.';
    $lang['imglib_gif_not_supported'] = 'GIF images are often not supported due to licensing restrictions. You may have to use JPG or PNG images instead.';
    $lang['imglib_jpg_not_supported'] = 'JPG images are not supported.';
    $lang['imglib_png_not_supported'] = 'PNG images are not supported.';
    $lang['imglib_webp_not_supported'] = 'WEBP images are not supported.';
    $lang['imglib_jpg_or_png_required'] = 'The image resize protocol specified in your preferences only works with JPEG or PNG image types.';
    $lang['imglib_copy_error'] = 'An error was encountered while attempting to replace the file. Please make sure your file directory is writable.';
    $lang['imglib_rotate_unsupported'] = 'Image rotation does not appear to be supported by your server.';
    $lang['imglib_libpath_invalid'] = 'The path to your image library is not correct. Please set the correct path in your image preferences.';
    $lang['imglib_image_process_failed'] = 'Image processing failed. Please verify that your server supports the chosen protocol and that the path to your image library is correct.';
    $lang['imglib_rotation_angle_required'] = 'An angle of rotation is required to rotate the image.';
    $lang['imglib_invalid_path'] = 'The path to the image is not correct.';
    $lang['imglib_invalid_image'] = 'The provided image is not valid.';
    $lang['imglib_copy_failed'] = 'The image copy routine failed.';
    $lang['imglib_missing_font'] = 'Unable to find a font to use.';
    $lang['imglib_save_failed'] = 'Unable to save the image. Please make sure the image and file directory are writable.';
    $lang['add_funds_note'] = '%site_name% add funds - Member:%username%';
  6. Edit your template file /includes/template/template.tpl and before of

    {block name="script"}{/block}


    <script src="/assets/evolution/js/lib/evolution-lib.js" type="module"></script>
  7. Run the upgrade wizard:

  8. If you were running PHP 8.2 previous of the upgrade, then you need to reupload the following addons (download addons from client area and for v6.6): Bot System, Daily Bonus, Custom Processors, PTC Memberships, PTP Leaderboard

  9. If you were running an old PHP version, then you need to reupload all your addons and contact to staff to update your custom addons.

  10. Open a support ticket if you have a custom addon and you think it needs to be updated.