Version 6.5


Release date: October 17th, 2023

Release Notes

  • SushiAds offerwall added.

  • Admantium offerwall added.

  • Bank Transfer added as payment gateway.

  • Ability to add a custom page from administration (Content → Custom Pages).

  • Ability to upload site banners instead of setting an URL (Content → Site Banners).

  • IP address is registered in tickets when user/admin creates or replies a ticket.

Upgrade from v6.4

  1. Set your site under maintenance mode.

  2. Backup of your site (files and database).

  3. Upload these files:

    • /assets/evolution/images/gateway_deposit/25.png

    • /assets/evolution/images/gateway_proof/25.gif

    • /includes/components/CountryDB/.

    • /includes/components/Gateways/Bank_transfer.php

    • /includes/controllers/Admin/Auth.php

    • /includes/controllers/Admin/Content.php

    • /includes/controllers/Admin/Transactions.php

    • /includes/controllers/Account.php

    • /includes/controllers/Pages.php

    • /includes/controllers/UpgradeController.php

    • /includes/helpers/admin.php

    • /includes/helpers/template.php

    • /includes/models/Admantium.php

    • /includes/models/Deposits.php

    • /includes/models/CustomPages.php

    • /includes/models/Helpdesk.php

    • /includes/models/Pages.php

    • /includes/models/Site_banners.php

    • /includes/models/Statistics.php

    • /includes/models/Sushiads.php

    • /includes/offerwalls/admantium/*.*

    • /includes/offerwalls/sushiads/*.*

    • /includes/routing/adminRoutes.php

    • /includes/system/*.*

    • /includes/template/custom_page.tpl

    • /includes/template/members/bank_transfer/*.*

    • /includes/template/members/history_deposit.tpl

    • /includes/template/members/settings.tpl

    • /includes/template/members/withdraw.tpl

    • /includes/views/admin/content/*.*

    • /includes/views/admin/deposits.php

    • /includes/views/admin/support_ticket.php

    • /includes/views/admin/withdrawals.php

    • /vendor/*.*

  4. Add the next language variables in your language file /includes/languages

    $lang['bank_transfer'] = 'Bank Transfer';
    $lang['bank_name'] = 'Bank Name';
    $lang['swift_code'] = 'Swift Code';
    $lang['bank_account'] = 'Bank Account';
    $lang['beneficiary_name'] = 'Beneficiary Name';
    $lang['amount_deposit'] = 'Amount to deposit';
    $lang['screenshot_deposit'] = 'Screenshot of your deposit';
    $lang['we_accept_image_type'] = 'We only accept images .png, .gif or .jpg.';
    $lang['max_upload_size_is'] = 'Max upload size is %size%';
    $lang['bank_transfer_success'] = 'Thanks for your deposit, it will be processed as soon as possible. You can check your deposit status in your deposit history.';
    $lang['completed'] = 'Completed';
    $lang['cancelled'] = 'Cancelled';
    $lang['upload_userfile_not_set'] = 'Unable to find a post variable called userfile.';
    $lang['upload_file_exceeds_limit'] = 'The uploaded file exceeds the maximum allowed size in your PHP configuration file.';
    $lang['upload_file_exceeds_form_limit'] = 'The uploaded file exceeds the maximum size allowed by the submission form.';
    $lang['upload_file_partial'] = 'The file was only partially uploaded.';
    $lang['upload_no_temp_directory'] = 'The temporary folder is missing.';
    $lang['upload_unable_to_write_file'] = 'The file could not be written to disk.';
    $lang['upload_stopped_by_extension'] = 'The file upload was stopped by extension.';
    $lang['upload_no_file_selected'] = 'You did not select a file to upload!!!!!!!!!.';
    $lang['upload_invalid_filetype'] = 'The filetype you are attempting to upload is not allowed.';
    $lang['upload_invalid_filesize'] = 'The file you are attempting to upload is larger than the permitted size.';
    $lang['upload_invalid_dimensions'] = 'The image you are attempting to upload doesn\'t fit into the allowed dimensions.';
    $lang['upload_destination_error'] = 'A problem was encountered while attempting to move the uploaded file to the final destination.';
    $lang['upload_no_filepath'] = 'The upload path does not appear to be valid.';
    $lang['upload_no_file_types'] = 'You have not specified any allowed file types.';
    $lang['upload_bad_filename'] = 'The file name you submitted already exists on the server.';
    $lang['upload_not_writable'] = 'The upload destination folder does not appear to be writable.';
  5. Run the upgrade wizard:

  6. Open a support ticket if you have a custom addon and you think it needs to be updated.