Version 6.4


Release date: August 8th, 2023

Release Notes

  • HTML Tags allowed for maintenance message.

  • Setup/Proxy Settings moved to Setup/Security

  • Setup/Captcha Settings moved to Setup/Security

  • Added Logs menu in admin panel, it’s necessary to update admin permissions to be able to access to this menu.

  • Payment gateways configuration updated to be able to make modifications before activate a processor.

  • Admin can Enable/Disable new registrations.

  • Admin can Enable/Disable new registrations with referral link only.

  • Admin can set the withdrawal days for each membership.

  • CoinMkr added to payment processors.

  • FortuneWall added in offerwalls.

  • Offeroc and MediumPath were removed.

Upgrade from v6.3.1

  1. Set your site under maintenance mode.

  2. Backup of your site (files and database).

  3. Upload these files:

    • /assets/evolution/admin/js/*.*

    • /assets/evolution/admin/lib/*.*

    • /assets/evolution/images/gateway_deposit/24.png

    • /assets/evolution/images/gateway_proof/24.gif

    • /includes/components/Gateway/Coinmkr.php

    • /includes/components/Gateway/Payeer.php

    • /includes/controllers/Admin/.

    • /includes/controllers/InstallController.php

    • /includes/controllers/UpgradeController.php

    • /includes/controllers/Withdraw.php

    • /includes/helpers/admin.php

    • /includes/controllers/Auth.php

    • /includes/models/Admin.php

    • /includes/models/Fortunewall.php

    • /includes/models/Gateways.php

    • /includes/models/ProxyCheck.php

    • /includes/models/Withdraw.php

    • /includes/offerwalls/fortunewall/*.*

    • /includes/routing/adminRoutes.php

    • /includes/system/*.*

    • /includes/template/auth/registration_disable.tpl

    • /includes/template/members/coinmkr/.

    • /includes/views/*.*

    • /includes/helpers/form.php

    • /includes/Common.php

    • /assets/evolution/admin/lib

  4. Add the next language variables in your language file /includes/languages

    $lang['registration_disabled'] = 'Registration is temporarily disabled';
    $lang['registration_disabled_msg'] = 'Thanks for your interest in our site, however new registrations are not accepted at this time.';
    $lang['registration_upline_required'] = 'Registration is available with invitation';
    $lang['registration_upline_required_msg'] = 'We are sorry, but registration is open only with a invitation link.';
    $lang['withdrawal_day_restricted'] = 'Today is not a withdrawal day, comeback tomorrow.';
    $lang['withdrawal_day_restricted_specific'] = 'Today is not a withdrawal day, you are able to withdraw on %days%';
    $lang['monday'] = 'Monday';
    $lang['tuesday'] = 'Tuesday';
    $lang['thursday'] = 'Thursday';
    $lang['friday'] = 'Friday';
    $lang['saturday'] = 'Saturday';
    $lang['sunday'] = 'Sunday';
  5. Run the upgrade wizard:

  6. Edit your admin account and assign permissions to be allowed to see the Logs.

  7. Open a support ticket if you have a custom addon and you think it needs to be updated.